[Python-ideas] cd statement?

Sturla Molden sturla at molden.no
Tue Mar 10 15:51:24 CET 2009

When working with Python interactive shell (particularly IDLE started 
from Windows start menu), one thing I miss is a cd statement. Ok, I can do

 >>> import os
 >>> os.setcwd('e:\\work')

But I keep feeling that Matlab's cd statement is more handy:

 >> cd e:\work

One other feature that makes Matlab's shell more handy, is the whos 
statement. It lists all variables created form the shell, types, etc. 
Yes it is possible to get all local and global names in Python/IDLE, but 
that is not the same. The variables created interactively get hidden in 
the clutter.

IDLE also lacks a command history. If I e.g. make a typo, why do I have 
to copy and paste, instead of just hitting the arrow button?

Although cosmetically, these three small things keep annoying me. :-(

Sturla Molden

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