[Python-ideas] Ruby-style Blocks in Python Idea

tav tav at espians.com
Wed Mar 11 04:34:57 CET 2009

Dearest all,

Forgive me if I seem frustrated, but it's been a very long day.

After catching up on a lot of the discussion here, I am feeling
something between astonishment and disappointment. Forgive me as I am
new here, but I had expected python-ideas to be filled with remarkable

Instead I find that many people don't even understand *why* Python is
the way it is!! Never mind understanding what it is that they are
talking about. It seems as if jumping in with an opinion counts for
more than doing some basic research.

Forgive me, but the likes of equating expressions with statements or
the desire for anonymous functions with some bizarre dislike of the
__name__ attribute just shouts out sheer ignorance/stupidity. I had
expected more. From everyone.

As for the various lambda proposals I've seen, none of them are
anywhere near Pythonic!! Some of you, could you please google "lambda
site:mail.python.org" and then read for a little while?

For some bizarre reason, I had expected those on this list to be
Masters of Python. If not why would they care to improve the language?

But some of you clearly are not and should spend a lot of time
*reading*. And, please, get hold of as many Python libraries as you
can and read the code until you feel you truly do get the essence of
what is Pythonic.

I am really sorry if I've offended anyone. Frustrations aside, I do
mean this in a constructive way. If we all individually would apply a
little bit more effort, then we'd collectively benefit and have a much
better language.

Thanks for bearing with me.

love, tav

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