[Python-ideas] Proposed addtion to urllib.parse in 3.1 (and urlparse in 2.7)

Arnaud Delobelle arnodel at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 28 08:54:03 CET 2009

On 27 Mar 2009, at 19:29, Joel Bender wrote:

>> It's also possible that the order matters. I think an iterable of  
>> tuples (such as returned by dict.items(), but any iterable will do)  
>> would be an okay interface.
> Ordered dict then :-)

Why not use the same signature as dict.update()?

     D.update(E, **F) -> None.  Update D from E and F: for k in E:  
D[k] = E[k]
     (if E has keys else: for (k, v) in E: D[k] = v) then: for k in F:  
D[k] = F[k]


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