[Python-ideas] Anonymizing the PyCon review process

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Nov 3 23:49:32 CET 2009

Hello Terry,

Terry Jones <terry at ...> writes:
> Last night I got a couple of PyCon talks rejected, and someone else sent me
> a rejection email they'd received. I wasn't surprised at the rejections,
> but I was quite surprised that many of the review comments were at least in
> part based on the presenter (sometimes the incorrectly assumed presenter)
> instead of on the proposed talk.

I am not part of the review board, and neither have I tried to submit a talk,
and I'm not even sure this is the right mailing-list, but I found it interesting
to read your personal report of your attempts to submit one.

I also must say that, while I don't like popularity mechanisms myself, it's not
very surprising to find them in the Python community since they exist everywhere
else :)

Thanks for the write-up.


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