[Python-ideas] UCS2 vs UCS4 ABIs

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Thu Nov 5 08:35:18 CET 2009

Daniel Stutzbach, 02.11.2009 17:53:
> Scope
> -----
> This idea affects the CPython ABI for extension modules.  It has no impact
> on the Python language syntax nor other Python implementations.
> The Problem
> -----------
> Currently, Python can be built with an internal Unicode representation of
> UCS2 or UCS4.  The two are binary incompatible, but the distinction is not
> included as part of the platform name.

Isn't that the main issue here? IMHO, if EasyInstall was fixed to
distinguish extensions for UCS2/UCS4 platforms, that would just make the
issue go away for most users. Not for extension builders and package
maintainers, admittedly, but certainly for most users.


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