[Python-ideas] Decorator syntax restriction

Rob Cliffe rob.cliffe at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 7 11:31:26 CEST 2009

Well, if the syntax was loosened to allow a subscript, i.e.

@a.b.c[x]( ...args... )

that would be something.  And allowing a dictionary ley as well - with the 
same syntax - would be even better; it seems hard to justify allowing one 
without the other.

On the other hand, maybe in future someone will come up with another 
'must-have' loosening of the syntax.  Eventually, don't you get to the point 
where it's simpler to allow anything?

Best wishes
Rob Cliffe

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> Paul Moore wrote:
>> @(a['b'].fns[1])(1,2,{3,4})
>> def something():
>> I contend that's clearly "line noise".
> But there's nothing to stop you from writing
>   f = (a['b'].fns[1])(1,2,{3,4})
>   @f
>   def something():
> If the first version is unreadable, the second one isn't going
> to be significantly better.
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> Greg
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