[Python-ideas] nonlocal functions

Masklinn masklinn at masklinn.net
Wed Oct 21 14:47:22 CEST 2009

On 21 Oct 2009, at 13:50 , Nick Coghlan wrote:
> it is getting a really long way away from Python

And I probably shouldn't have sent the previous mail that soon… Anyway  
on this specific quote, I do think `let` fits the Zen better than  
nothing/`global`/`nonlocal`: it's explicit rather than implicit (as  
far as scope goes), it's simple rather than complex (a single basic  
statement instead of 3 different forms depending on the exact case),  
it's more uniform (less special cases, if any), …

I understand that you disagree, but I don't think the idea of `let` is  
"getting a long way away from Python".

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