[Python-ideas] filter-only list comps

spir denis.spir at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 14:20:28 CET 2010


I recently realized the following, and wonder whether there is a reason for this, which I am unable to figure out.

A list comp can both map and filter:
	[x*x for x in numbers if x%2==1]
When it only maps, we can simply get rid of the filter part:
	[x*x for x in numbers]
Meaning we are not forced to write:
	[x*x for x in numbers if True]
But the analog does not apply to filter-only list comps:
	[x in numbers if x%2==1]	# SyntaxError

Why? I find this syntax clear, actually clearer than
	[x for x in numbers if x%2==1]
that confusingly repeats the item.
Would there be any parsing issue if we let down "<expression> for" when it does nothing?

Side note: I find the core part of a comprehension be "<item> in <collection>":
	[item in collection]
would be equivalent to list(collection).
	(item in collection)
would just build an iterator on collection.
From this POV, this core can be preceded by a mapping expression and/or followed by a filtering condition.


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