[Python-ideas] filter-only list comps

Boris Borcic bborcic at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 17:09:42 CET 2010

Stefan Behnel wrote:
> Stephen J. Turnbull, 26.02.2010 04:28:
>> Greg Ewing writes:
>>   >     [x from stuff]
>>   >
>>   >  is a shorthand for
>>   >
>>   >     [x for x in stuff]
>> Any time you say "shorthand" you're probably violating TOOWTDI. :-)
> Absolutely, so I would expect this to have zero change to make it in.

Now that's quite a pun, or more exactly quite an à peu près. Of course if 
TOOWTDI runs, it gets characteristic of any change that TOOWTDI is violated, eg, 
the one old way, the one new way.

- Boris

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