[Python-ideas] Using only patches for pulling changes in hg.python.org

Éric Araujo merwok at netwok.org
Sun Jul 4 13:14:32 CEST 2010

[Antoine Pitrou]
> [Tarek Ziadé]
>> I would like to propose a policy for hg.python.org, based on mercurial
>> queues + bugs.python.org, and I would like to contribute a small guide
>> about it in python.org/dev.
> Sounds good. We can probably make mq optional, since regular diffs
> would work as well (except that they wouldn't contain the
> original committer name, but that isn't different from what we have
> today).

Agreed. The policy can just require patches and thus let people choose
their local workflow (many commits in a named branch/bookmark/pbranch
and then diff, MQ for moar power, or just edit things to get a diff
without using a fancy command (like now)).

The policy should say something about authorship attribution.
Mercurial-made diffs contain the user name in a special comment which is
used by hg import, plain diffs can be applied with patch and then
committed with “hg commit --user "Bill <bill at example.org>"“, and if a
patch is edited before commit, then use the current style (core dev as
committer, original patch author in the commit message). First-class
authorship acknowledgment is a nice feature of DVCSes.

The policy should also allow pulling from another repo if it contains
changesets that aren’t crufty. In that case, a pusher (new name for a
svn committer) can just pull from Bill and push to the main repo, adding
extra export-to-patch import-from-patch steps is unnecessary.


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