[Python-ideas] Moving development out of the standard library

Konrad Delong konryd at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 14:59:50 CEST 2010

>> then I could write in my py2.4 script:
>> from backport26.os.path import relpath
> It's not a bad idea. A key benefit seems to be that it can be done by
> anyone, whether or not they are a core developer. So it can be set up
> right now, without taking up any of the limited core-dev resource.
> Of course, conversely, the disadvantage is that nobody's done this
> already, implying that either nobody's thought of it before or there's
> actually little motivation for someone to put the work into such a
> solution :-)

Yeah, I am aware of that :-)
Another question is whether such a package is going to find use. I
doubt Michael would introduce a dependency into unittest2 just to get
functools.wrap and os.path.relpath out of his code. Distutils2
contains a whole _backport module [1] which could go away, but again:
at the cost of introducing dependency into the package.


[1] http://bitbucket.org/tarek/distutils2/src/tip/src/distutils2/_backport/

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