[Python-ideas] iterable: next() and __iter__() -- and __reset()

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Thanks for your reply: I find it helpful; will have a look at the pointed references in a short while.

> In fact, in your case I think supporting slicing/islicing would make far more sense than the solution you've elected)

Actually my Powers type should be "sliceable".

>     tripleCubes = [sq for sq in islice(cubes, 6, 16)
>                       if sq%3 == 0]

Right, but this pattern only replaces cubes(6, 16) by islice(cubes, 6, 16):
    tripleCubes = [sq for sq in cubes(6, 16) if sq%3 == 0]
Or do I overlook a relevant point? I guess the proper (and pythonic?) solution would be to implement __getitem__ so as to be able to write:
    tripleCubes = [sq for sq in cubes[6:17] if sq%3 == 0]
Does the following match your idea?
    def __getitem__(self, ranj):
        self.n , self.max = ranj.start-1 , ranj.stop-1
        return self


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