[Python-ideas] iterable: next() and __iter__() -- and __reset()

Andrew Bennetts andrew at bemusement.org
Fri Mar 5 05:17:59 CET 2010

Mathias Panzenböck wrote:
> On 03/04/2010 10:43 PM, Georg Brandl wrote:
> >>>  (2) But: for any reason next() is not spelled as a "magic" method. If this
> >>>  method becomes the distinctive method of iterables, then it should be called
> >>>  __next__() for consistency. Side-question: Why is it called next(), as it is
> >>>  a magic method for iterators already?
> >Because it is supposed to be called directly.  __iter__() isn't.  (This changes
> >with Python 3, where you have next() as a builtin.)
> And why is it made a builtin function? What was wrong with it being a normal method?



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