[Python-ideas] Matching multiple regex patterns simultaneously

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Wed Mar 17 08:11:29 CET 2010

Greg Ewing, 05.03.2010 00:07:
> I have a half-finished project on the back burner
> to reimplement the core of Plex using Pyrex, but
> it's been languishing for so long that the burner
> has probably gone out by now. Maybe I should
> relight it...

Cython bootstraps the tiny truely performance-critical part of it 
(Scanners.py) into C code during installation and uses an external 
Scanners.pxd file to override the Python types in the module with C types. 
The other modules don't seem to matter in benchmarks, but compiling the 
inner loop of the scanner clearly gives a performance boost.


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