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> On 16/11/2010 11:59, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>> average, 16.11.2010 04:16:
>>> The *only* glitch is the lack of an empty set notation. The idea of
>>>  dict() == {:}; set()=={};
>>>> which would be the obvious choice if starting fresh,
>>>> was considered but rejected by Guido as too disruptive
>>>> and introducing another barrier between Python 2 and 3.
>>> I have to say that the *lack*of those two suggested literals are a sore
>>> point for me (that along with the fact that dict doesn't inherit from
>>> set).
>>> Call me a nit-picker, but (without them) they are like sand in the vast
>>> gearbox of my mind when using python3: small but disruptive. I would
>>> argue
>>> that the lack of them is what is *preventing* the adoption of python3.
>> I doubt that.
>>  I doubt it too.
> Haha, of course you do.  If you didn't, it would've already been done.
But don't mislead yourselves either, as members of the old guard (?), you
never get to measure the users that walk away.   And you run into the easy
trap of "false neutrals".

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