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Thu Nov 18 22:40:05 CET 2010

 > But don't mislead yourselves either, as members of the old guard (?), you

>  > never get to measure the users that walk away.
> Nobody does, though.  At some point a project has to go with the
> information it has, and the users it has.

Truly.  But the point is that the universe will inevitably evolve towards
elegance.  To only "go on with the information it has and the users it has"
ensures that it remains merely a branch off the trunk of the ideal
(consequently drawing few new users), that eventually will need either to be
*deliberately* pruned, or will wither and break off unexpectedly at some
future point.  Remember, the bulk of new, loyal, users are drawn by an ideal
(you might remember yourself being among them), not even necessarily by how
big the library is.

Just some thoughts to consider....

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