[Python-ideas] {Python-ideas] C-API exposure

Raymond Hettinger raymond.hettinger at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 22:44:26 CEST 2011

On Mar 29, 2011, at 12:15 PM, Eric Snow wrote:
> I don't want this discussion to be an abuse of people's time to the benefit of my understanding, but I am finding these threads to be very insightful.  So, thanks!

The discussion has made for an interesting read, so I don't think it has been a waste of time.  The python-ideas mailing list is a reasonable place for flights of fancy and random musings :-)

That being said, python-ideas would be a little more sane (and less disconcerting) if the musings came in the form of "here's my wild idea, let's play with it" rather than "i don't fully understand the language we've got but am going to propose changing it anyway."  If someone proposes to demolish 20 years worth of language success, it's harder to respond with an open-mind and a playful out-of-the-box outlook.


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