[Python-ideas] Improving this? - foo() takes at least 6 arguments (6 given)

Steven Klass sklass at pointcircle.com
Thu Sep 1 17:40:19 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Most of us who have been coding for awhile have often seen this error and understand the "self" concept.  I was helping a junior colleague out and he came to me with this problem.

Colleague:  "So my code is apparently asking for 6 arguments and it appears that I gave it 6 arguments"
Me:  "Oh that - Yeah... your short one.  It really wants 7.."

That got me thinking and here is the post.  Now while this seems simple to fix I know this isn't that simple and a healthy dose of introspection will be required.


Steven Klass

(480) 225-1112
sklass at pointcircle.com

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