[Python-ideas] aliasing

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Fri Sep 2 04:27:52 CEST 2011

Peio Borthelle wrote:
> Le 31 août 2011 à 17:20, python-ideas-request at python.org a écrit :
>> I have often thought that would be a nice to have feature, but to
>> be honest, I have never found a use for it that was absolutely
>> necessary. I have always found another way to solve the problem.
>> To make it work using just ordinary assignment syntax, as you
>> suggest, requires more than just an "alias" function. It would need
>> changes to the Python internals. Possibly very large changes.
>> Without a convincing use-case, I don't think that will happen.
>> So even though I think this would be a neat feature to have, and 
>> possibly even useful, I don't think it is useful enough to justify
>> the work needed to make it happen.
>> -- Steven
> I don't agree with you when you say there is no necessary use case,

I didn't say that there *is* no use-case, only that I have never found one.

Perhaps you have misunderstood the English idiom "Without a convincing 
use-case...". This isn't meant to imply that there is no use-case, only 
that nobody has yet found one. The implication is that, if you wish to 
promote this change to Python's behaviour, showing a convincing use-case 
is a necessary first step. (But not the only step.)


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