[Python-ideas] matrix operations on dict :)

julien tayon julien at tayon.net
Tue Feb 7 11:24:17 CET 2012

2012/2/7 Steven D'Aprano <steve at pearwood.info>:

> This seems interesting to me, but I don't see that they are important
> enough to be built-in to dicts.
> At most, this could be a module in the standard library, but before that
> happens, you would have to prove the usefulness of the module. I suggest
> polishing it to a fit state to use in production, including tests, and
> putting it on PyPI. Once you can demonstrate some interest for it, then
> you can propose it gets added to the std lib.
Of course, it's already on pypi, the unittest are being buit up, I
just coded way too much stuff, so code coverage is slowly increasing.
Since it's 90% syntaxic sugar, it is just a commodity for syntax of
tree manipulation. I can improve the readability though.


> Otherwise, this looks rather like a library of functions looking for a
> use. It might help if you demonstrate what concrete problems this helps
> you solve.

Since 95% of the functions are method of a dict, I guess, we may call
it an object.


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