[Python-ideas] Python 3000 TIOBE -3%

anatoly techtonik techtonik at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 15:36:40 CET 2012


I didn't want to grow FUD on python-dev, but a FUD there seems to be a good
topic for discussion here.

As you may see, Python is losing its positions. I blame Python 3 and that
Python development is not concentrating on users enough [1], and that there
is a big resistance in getting the things done (/moin/ prefix story) and
the whole communication process is a bit discouraging. If it is not the
cause, then the cause is the lack of visibility into the real problem, but
what the real problem is?

I guess the topic is for upcoming language summit at PyCon, but it will be
hard for me to get there this year from Belarus, so it would be nice to
read some opinions here.

1. http://python-for-humans.heroku.com/
anatoly t.
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