[Python-ideas] Python 3000 TIOBE -3% (Massimo Di Pierro)

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> First of all all the Python developers are doing an amazing job, and
> none of the comments should be taken as a critique but only as a
> suggestion.

I completely agree with Massimo again. :-)

> On Feb 9, 2012, at 3:34 PM, Nick Coghlan wrote:
> [...]
>> In the meantime, if the python.org packages for Windows aren't up to
>> scratch (and they aren't in many ways), *use the commercially backed
>> ones* (or one of the other sumo distributions that are out there).
>> Don't tell your students to grab the raw installers directly from
>> python.org, redirect them to the free rebuilds from ActiveState or
>> Enthought, or go all out and get them to install something like
>> Python(X, Y).
> This is what I do now. I tell my students if they have trouble to
> Enthought. Yet there are issues with license and 32 (free) vs 64 bits
> (not free). Long term I do not think this what we should encourage.

I think it is odd to encourage users to go to use open source distros,
but if they have installation problems (which is really common -
Massimo/Titus/Audrey/Zed/etc seem to back me up here) to recommend
'somewhere' to go to commercial-but-free distros.

If we should be pointing new users to ActiveState or Enthought, maybe
we should just change the python.org default installers to what they

Tell you what, I'll take this matter off-list and bring it up with
Jesse Noller and the rest of the board working on the python.org RFP.

'Knowledge is Power'
Daniel Greenfeld

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