[Python-ideas] Python 3000 TIOBE -3%

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Fri Feb 10 16:30:12 CET 2012

Masklinn, 10.02.2012 16:12:
> On 2012-02-10, at 15:59 , Stefan Behnel wrote:
>>> GIL + Threads = Simplified, non parallel interpreter
>> Note that this also applies to PyPy, so even "interpreter" isn't enough of
>> a generalisation.
>> I think it's best to speak of the GIL as what it is: a lock that protects
>> internal state of the CPython runtime (and also some external code, when
>> used that way). Rather convenient, if you ask me.
> It is very convenient from the viewpoint of implementing the interpreter,
> but you must acknowledge that it comes with quite severe limitations on
> the ability of user code to take advantage of computing resources.

I don't think it does. See my other post just now in response to Massimo.


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