[Python-ideas] multiprocessing IPC

Sturla Molden sturla at molden.no
Sun Feb 12 21:33:30 CET 2012

Den 12.02.2012 16:20, skrev shibturn:
> But if his /tmp is a tmpfs file system (which it usually is on Linux) 
> then I think it is entirely equivalent.  Or he could create the file 
> in /dev/shm instead.

It seems that on Linux /tmp is backed by shared memory.

Which sounds rather strange to a Windows user, as the raison d'etre for 
tempfiles is temporary storage space that goes beyond physial RAM.

I've also read that the use of ftruncate in this context can result in 

> Below is Blob class which seems to work.  Note that the process which 
> created the blob needs to wait for the other process to unpickle it 
> before allowing it to be garbage collected.

I would look at kernel refcounts before unlinking. (But I am not that 
familiar with Linux.)


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