[Python-ideas] Python 3000 TIOBE -3%

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Feb 13 06:49:19 CET 2012

Greg Ewing writes:
 > Paul Moore wrote:
 > > I'd like to write code to do the same
 > > job without needing to lie about what I know. I'm now 100% convinced
 > > that encoding="ascii",errors="surrogateescape" is the way to say this
 > > in code.
 > Perhaps there should be a more shortwinded way of
 > spelling this?

Yes!  However, I don't think this 1.5-liner needs to be a built-in.
(The 1.5-liner for 'open_as_ascii_compatible' was posted elsewhere.)

There's also the issue of people who strongly prefer sloppy encoding
and Read My Lips: No UnicodeErrors.  I disagree with them in all
purity, but you know ....

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