[Python-ideas] Python 3000 TIOBE -3%

Christopher Reay christopherreay at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 19:08:18 CET 2012

Entry Points:

  Natural Language user searches based on "intent of code"
  Module Name/Function names: user wants more details on something he
already knows exists
  Exception Name: Great, finds you the exception definition just like any
other Class name.
    Googling for "UnicodeEncodingError Python" gives me a link to the 2.7
documentation which says at the top "this is not yet updated for python 3"
- I dont know how important this is
    Googling for "UnicodeEncodingError Python 3" gives
    This is a great document. It explains encoding very well.
   The unicode tutorial doesnt mention anything about the terminal output
encoding to STDOUT, and whilst this is obvious after a while, it is not
always clear the printing to the terminal is the cause of the attempt to
encode as ascii during a print statement.
   To some extent, the unicode tutorial doesnt have the practical specifics
that are being discussed in this thread which is targetted at "learning
curve into Python"

I think the most important points here are:
  The exception knows what version of Python its from (which allows the
language to make changes
  It would be nice to have a wiki type document targetted by the
    Sections like:

   - "Python Official Docs"
   - Murgh, Fix This NOW, Dont care how dirty
   - Contributed Docs we have none and loved/stack overflow etc...
   - Discussions from python-dev / python ideas
   - PEPs that apply

The point is that Google cant be responsible for making sure all these
sections are laid out, obvious correct or constant
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