[Python-ideas] ScopeGuardStatement/Defer Proposal

Nathan Rice nathan.alexander.rice at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 00:57:52 CET 2012

> Was that meant as an insult? Because it sounds to me like one.

I'm sorry if my poor wording caused it to come across that way.
Pascal was a very useful language, it with a perspective that was
different than its contemporaries because it was originally intended
for educational purposes, rather than as an academic language like
lisp or a hacker tool like c or fortran.

I enjoy writing python a lot, and would prefer to use it rather than
ruby/lisp/java/etc in most cases. My suggestions come from
frustrations that occur when using python in areas where the right
answer is probably just to use a different language.  If I knew that
what I wanted was at odds with the vision for python, I would have
less of an issue just accepting circumstances, and would just get to
work rather than sidetracking discussions on this list.

Thanks, and again, sorry!


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