[Python-ideas] Allow Profile() to be used as a context manager

David Townshend aquavitae69 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 07:36:02 CET 2012

I often find it useful to profile small sections to code in a running
application to pinpoint a known bottleneck. The cProfile and profile
modules don't make this easy as they stand, requiring the section of code
to be wrapped into a single statement with can be called as a string using
exec().  This always feels a bit clumsy to me, so my idea is simply to
provide __enter__ and __exit__ methods to cProfile.Profile() and
profile.Profile().  From a quick look at the code it seems that this should
be very easy for cProfile, and slightly less easy for profile (I can't
quite figure out how to deal with the set_cmd() line, or how important it
is - maybe someone can help?).

Any major objections to this?

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