[Python-ideas] changing sys.stdout encoding

Simon Sapin simon.sapin at kozea.fr
Fri Jun 8 09:42:50 CEST 2012

Le 08/06/2012 09:23, Niki Spahiev a écrit :
> Mercurial:
> ...
>       --debug             enable debugging output
>       --debugger          start debugger
>       --encoding ENCODE   set the charset encoding (default: UTF-8)
>       --encodingmode MODE set the charset encoding mode (default: strict)
>       --traceback         always print a traceback on exception
> ...

 From the man page:

>         This overrides the default locale setting detected by Mercurial.
>         This  setting  is  used  to  convert  data  including usernames,
>         changeset descriptions, tag names, and  branches.  This  setting
>         can be overridden with the --encoding command-line option.

I don’t know if this affects standard IO.

Simon Sapin

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