[Python-ideas] Multi-line comment blocks.

Sven Marnach sven at marnach.net
Fri Jun 15 12:49:47 CEST 2012

Robert Kern schrieb am Fri, 15. Jun 2012, um 10:50:40 +0100:
> Multi-line string literals aren't comments. They are multi-line
> string literals. Unlike a comment, which does not show up in the
> compiled bytecode, the Python interpreter actually does something
> with those string literals. Sometimes people abuse them as ways to
> poorly emulate block comments, but this is an abuse, not a feature
> of the language.

Multi-line string literals do not generate code in CPython, and their
use as comments has BDFL approval:


(I don't use them as comments either, and rather rely on my editor for
commenting blocks.)


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