[Python-ideas] keyword arguments everywhere (stdlib) - issue8706

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Sat Mar 3 21:01:39 CET 2012

On 3/3/2012 8:51 AM, Arnaud Delobelle wrote:

> True.  OTOH if you decided to put such a decorator in CPython's
> standard library (and I'm not talking about this specific
> implementation of the decorator), then implementors of other Pythons
> would have to provide the same functionality.  We would then get the
> ability to have positional only arguments free of overhead without
> having to make the syntax of function signatures even more complex.
> Also, a decorator would be a signal to users that positional only
> argument are not often necessary, whereas offering syntactical support
> for them may encourage over use of the feature.

A decorator does not solve the problem of *documenting* position-only 
args, unless you propose to put them in the doc also.

Terry Jan Reedy

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