[Python-ideas] python_modules as default directory for dependencies in distutils

Philipp Hagemeister phihag at phihag.de
Tue Nov 20 22:54:53 CET 2012

On 11/20/2012 08:13 PM, Daniel Holth wrote:
> You wouldn't need stdlib support to do this. I believe setuptools'
> pkg_resources can look in a directory full of eggs, adding the required
> ones to PYTHONPATH based on requirements as specified in a wrapper script.

I'm not quite sure to which aspect you're referring to - changing
distutils(=setup.py) to have the --here option, or changing site?

If it's the former, I still have to download the directory full of eggs
to somewhere, haven't I? And the point of this suggestions is that
instead of *somewhere*, there's a dedicated "standard" location.

And the point of the change to  site  would be that one doesn't need to
do anything,

git clone http://example.org/app
python setup.py install --here

would just work without modification to the application (and not disturb
any other application).

My limited understanding of pkgresources may impede me though. Can you
link me to or describe how I can use setuptools here?



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