[Python-ideas] Make undefined escape sequences have SyntaxWarnings

Serhiy Storchaka storchaka at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 11:00:01 CEST 2012

On 10.10.12 23:18, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Oct 2012 23:04:25 +0300
> Serhiy Storchaka <storchaka at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On 10.10.12 22:46, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
>>> -1. This will make life more difficult with regular expressions (and
>>> produce lots of spurious warnings in existing code).
>> Strings for regular expressions always should be raw. Now regular
>> expressions supports \u and \U escapes and no reason to use non-raw strings.
> That's a style issue, not a language rule.

Yes, of course, that's a style advice. Sorry if I used the wrong words.

This will not make life more difficult with regular expressions because 
you always can use raw string literals.

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