[Python-ideas] Async API: some code to review

Steve Dower Steve.Dower at microsoft.com
Tue Oct 30 00:26:17 CET 2012

Greg Ewing wrote:
> Steve Dower wrote:
>>  - how easy/difficult/flexible/restrictive is it to write a new scheduler as an end user?
> I don't think that writing new schedulers is something an end user will do very often. Or
> more precisely, it's not something they should *have* to do except in extremely
> unusual circumstances.
> I believe it will be possible to provide a scheduler in the stdlib that will be satisfactory
> for the vast majority of applications.

I agree, and I chose my words poorly for that point: "library/framework developers" is more accurate than "end user". And since I expect every GUI framework is going to need (or at least want) their own scheduler, not to mention all the cases of Python being embedded in other programs, there is some value in helping these developers to get it right by virtue of the design rather than relying on documentation.


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