[Python-ideas] Deprecate the round builtin

Mark Adam dreamingforward at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 23:15:52 CEST 2012

> On the other hand, having round with a second parameter to return a Decimal
> would be quite usefull. I can't see a way of changing the type returned
> by the built-in round without crashing half the World --- but maybe it would
> be possible to deprecate only the two-parameter form of the built-in round,
> and add a decimal.round Decimal factory?

On second thought, the idea of "namespaces" within the interpreter
(like Tim Peters was suggesting I think in the doctest module) could
put some order to built-ins and globals within the interpreter.
round(), hex() and others could be in the namespace "Numbers" (Named
by their associated type), similarly for the other type-specific

Create a keyword "expose" to dump a particular namespace into the
global scope when you don't want to type "Numbers.round(f)".



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