[Python-ideas] Updated PEP 428 (pathlib)

Charles-François Natali cf.natali at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 18:08:52 CET 2013

>>>> fnmatch.fnmatch('a'*50, '*a*'*50) # weird how the pattern/string order is reversed from re.match
> That will take about 200 years to complete with CPython. Maybe a
> little less, if you're running a particularly fast computer. ;)
> Is that the sort of DoS issue you are looking for?

Exactly (the complexity of a typical ad-hoc fnmatch() implementation
is the reason some servers like vsftpd use their own version, and it's
even worse with a regex-based implementation as you notice).

Now, the question is whether we want to try to mitigate this or not...

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