[Python-ideas] Official MySQL module

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sat Mar 9 10:11:11 CET 2013

Gregory P. Smith, 07.03.2013 23:00:
> No database connector module should ever be part of the standard library
> unless that entire database is included as part of Python distributions.
>  MySQL isn't part of Python so all mysql connector modules belong as third
> party things (perhaps as part of mysql itself if they wanted to get their
> act together).
> want sqlite?  we bundle it.  want something else?  you have to install
> something else separately so you have to install its connector module
> separately as well.


I would also note that stdlib inclusion usually works the other way round:
someone, usually the author, has to commit to a) contribute the code and b)
maintain it in the stdlib, basically forever. While expressing the wish to
have something in the stdlib is ok, it's not really useful unless it makes
the "someone" above step up and sign that commitment.


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