[Python-ideas] PEP XXX - Competitor with PEP 435: Adding an enum type to the Python standard library

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Mar 12 01:20:17 CET 2013

Paul Moore writes:

 > Yes, it is - thanks. I missed the significance of "Sequence" in the
 > PEP

Overall the PEP's presentation suffers severely from class-instance
confusion.  In the *enumeration* Color(red, green, blue), Color.red is
not an "enumeration", it is an *enumerator* (or element or member).
Ditto for all the concrete class names.  I'm not sure this really
matters (I'm the kind of pedant who is enraged by the use of "it's" as
a possessive), but it bugs me.<wink/>

In the case of "Sequence", I would assume that the actual behavior is
equivalent to range() with names.  Based on past discussion of Ethan's
use case, I suppose that that's not quite accurate.  Rather, I expect
that Sequence actually addresses the question of using an enumerator
as an index to a Python sequence (list, etc.)

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