[Python-ideas] argparse - add support for environment variables (a proposal)

Miki Tebeka miki.tebeka at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 18:15:35 CET 2013

IMO one env which is a ChainMap (
http://docs.python.org/dev/library/collections#collections.ChainMap) will 
be enough.
This will give you more flexibility and you'll be able to chain more 
"environments" if needed.

On Wednesday, March 27, 2013 8:47:45 AM UTC-7, Neal Becker wrote:
> Here's an idea.  We have 4 main sources of config: 
> 1. app defaults 
> 2. config file 
> 3. env var 
> 4. command line 
> Instead of adding anything to the code for each of these parsers, suppose 
> that 
> each of them accepted a dictionary of options in a common form, so that 
> they 
> could be composed easily. 
> For example, suppose we call config file parser 1st, and it returns a dict 
> of 
> what items are 
> set in the config file (not the defaults).  Then argparse is called 
> (without 
> using and defaults), passing it that dictionary, which it can add to or 
> overide.   
> Finally, options not in the dict get defaults applied. 
> Having not dug into technical details, I'm imagining that either arparse 
> already 
> can accept a dict or options, or could be easily modified to. Or, we 
> simply call 
> argparse normally, then take it's dict and we merge the dicts outside of 
> arparse. 
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