[Python-ideas] Should we improve `dir`?

David Halter davidhalter88 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 20:11:35 CEST 2013

Sorry for answering so late, but I've stayed in a very rural area of
Afghanistan and enjoyed my life :-)

I also realized that this discussion has been removed from python-ideas,

2013/9/15 Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com>

> On 15 September 2013 16:06, David Halter <davidhalter88 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > 2013/9/15 Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com>
> >>
> >> If introspection tools want to show all the operations available *on the
> >> class*, then they need to include "dir(type(cls))" as well. So there
> may be
> >> a legitimate feature request for a new section in the pydoc output
> showing
> >> "class only" methods and attributes.
> >
> >
> >  How about adding a keyword argument to `dir`: ``dir(object,
> > with_class_methods=False)``?
> >
> > I get that there are compatibility issues with changing the default `dir`
> > functionality. But at the same time adding such an option could make it
> > easier for beginners, why type attributes are not being listed (because
> one
> > could read that in the `dir` docstring).
> It's actually the metaclass methods/attributes that are missing. The
> trick with dir is it *stops at the class*, and thus always leaves out
> the metaclass. While in a important sense "classes are just objects",
> attribute access is a critical area where they're *different* from
> most other objects, because they play different roles in the
> descriptor protocol.
> That means the question is whether it is worth adding an appropriate
> flag to dir(), over updating introspection tools (like IDLE's tab
> completion as Chris points out) to consider "dir(type(cls))" when
> appropriate.
> "dir" currently works roughly as follows for instances:
>   - check the instance
>   - check the class MRO
> And for classes:
>   - check the class MRO
> If an "include_metaclass" flag is added, then setting it to True has
> an obvious meaning for classes:
>   - check the class MRO
>   - check the metaclass MRO
> But what does "include_metaclass=True" mean for instances? You can't
> access metaclass attributes and methods from an instance - the
> attribute lookup only traverses one step. So, it could be reasonable
> to have "include_metaclass=True" do nothing for instances, and only
> change dir() behaviour for classes.

Good point. I haven't thought about this, but an "include_metaclass" option
for dir can also be quite confusing (in the case of instances).

> On the other hand, if the flag was called "include_class", then it
> would need to be tri-valued:
>   None: use appropriate default based on the kind of object
>   True: default for instances, forces inclusion of the metaclass MRO for
> classes
>   False: default for classes, forces omission of the class MRO (and
> thus all descriptors) for instances
> Alternatively, if we don't change dir() at all and just document that
> getting a complete list of attributes means doing "sorted(set(dir(obj)
> + dir(type(obj))", we'd have something that works for all versions of
> Python, rather than something that was only available in 3.4+:

Yes, IMHO that's the least we should do. But I would strongly suggest to
adjust  the `dir` method docstrings (not only the online docs). I think
that the current documentation really needs improvement (it is quite
confusing now).

>>> def full_dir(obj):
> ...     return sorted(set(dir(obj) + dir(tyape(obj))))
> ...
> >>> len(set(full_dir(1)) - set(dir(1)))
> 0
> >>> len(set(full_dir(int)) - set(dir(int)))
> 19
> >>> len(set(dir(type)) - set(dir(object)))
> 19
> That's why my preference is for the latter approach - this isn't new
> behaviour, and it's introspection tools that don't handle metaclasses
> properly that need updating, rather than changing the dir() builtin.

Well, I would still opt for changing dir, but I can understand that that
would cause serious backwards-compatibility issues. If you would do that,
it would be something for a Python 4 (and we're not even close to that). So
for now that really leaves us with documenting it better.

I don't really like the "include_metaclass" option. Maybe your
"include_class" might make a little bit more sense. But even that one would
complicate things.

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