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Fetchinson . fetchinson at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 26 11:34:35 CET 2014

Hi all, maybe the best list would be python-dev but I don't dare
waking the sleeping lions there :)

So my question is this: is there a coherent mobile strategy among core
dev people? I mean you guys release python for linux/macos/windows and
the question is if there are any plans to do the same for a mobile
platform. It doesn't have to be android or ios just anything that the
core dev team chooses and sticks with.

I've been developing python apps for smartphones (mostly hobby
projects though) using sl4a but that seems like is dead. Now people
suggest me using kivy which seems to be alive but who knows how long.
There are some other projects qpython, etc, which are small and
equally not so reliable at least looking from the outside. Is kivy now
an officially blessed distribution? Since google was so integral to
both python (through employing Guido) and android I'd think it would
make sense for google to have an official python environment for
android in cooperation with the python dev team.

Does the PSF has an opinion on this? It would be great if there would
be something for mobile phones that we could rely on not going away
just as with linux/macos/windows.

Or there are some issues which preclude this from the start?


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