[Python-ideas] Type Hinting - Performance booster ?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Fri Dec 26 22:55:58 CET 2014

Antoine Pitrou schrieb am 26.12.2014 um 21:37:
> Most workloads are intrinsically
> serial, not parallel. Expecting to get a 100-core general purpose CPU
> is expecting to get something that's unfit for most daily tasks, which
> is rather pessimistic. If the industry had followed the enthusiastic
> predictions from 5 years ago, the average desktop CPU would probably
> have 16+ HW threads right now - which it doesn't: the average core count
> stagnates between 2 and 4.

I second this. Parallelisation continues to be difficult (and most often
impossible or close enough), except for the trivial cases. As long as that
holds, large multi-core chips will remain special purpose.

Also, don't forget Knuth's famous quote on premature optimisation. In ~97%
of the cases, (non-trivial) parallelisation is simply not needed, and thus
is better not be done.


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