[Python-ideas] python on mobile

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Dec 31 04:16:35 CET 2014

Fetchinson . writes:

 > > I'm not sure exactly what would be discussed [on mobile-sig],
 > > especially in the short term when the big ticket item is getting
 > > the patches into the main Python tree.

It probably matters more that there *is* substantive discussion than
*what* is discussed.  There are probably a lot of people who are far
more interested in "how to do 'it' *now*" than "get 'it' into the main
Python tree 'someday'", for example.

 > I'd think the core devs would be far more likely to include a patch
 > if it comes with a big red note on it saying "it was discussed on
 > mobile-sig and was blessed by all participants" as opposed to a
 > random patch by a random person.

Nope.  It helps somewhat to have consensus backing for a particular
patch by the (random) interested parties, but not that much.  What
helps a lot is to get someone trusted to have a good sense for
"Pythonicity" and known to have experience in getting patches
committed as spokesman.

IIUC correctly it is Russ's opinion that his set of patches is not
very invasive and wouldn't fall afoul of disturbing some other
applications or platforms.  If so, the real problem is to get core

Although it's a couple of months off, I would suggest a talk (if it's
still possible to schedule), a BOF, and a sprint at Pycon North
America in March.  That should get things moving, and several of the
"important" folks who have already expressed interest should be there,


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