[Python-ideas] PEP pre-draft: Support for indexing with keyword arguments

Stefano Borini stefano.borini at ferrara.linux.it
Wed Jul 2 00:36:48 CEST 2014

Dear all,

after the first mailing list feedback, and further private discussion 
with Joseph Martinot-Lagarde, I drafted a first iteration of a PEP for 
keyword arguments in indexing. The document is available here.


The document is not in final form when it comes to specifications. In 
fact, it requires additional discussion about the best strategy to 
achieve the desired result. Particular attention has been devoted to 
present alternative implementation strategies, their pros and cons. I 
will examine all feedback tomorrow morning European time (in approx 10 
hrs), and apply any pull requests or comments you may have.

When the specification is finalized, or this community suggests that the 
PEP is in a form suitable for official submission despite potential open 
issues, I will submit it to the editor panel for further discussion, and 
deploy an actual implementation according to the agreed specification 
for a working test run.

I apologize for potential mistakes in the PEP drafting and submission 
process, as this is my first PEP.

Kind Regards,

Stefano Borini

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