[Python-ideas] Adding `pathlib.Path` method that would send file to recycle bin

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sun Jan 4 23:18:07 CET 2015

random832 at fastmail.us writes:

 > I don't see why you need to call an API to the desktop enviroment. The
 > entire point of the spec is to provide compatibility _between_
 > implementations on the same filesystem - you can quit gnome and log into
 > KDE and see the same trash. Python would just be a separate
 > implementation that stands by itself.

But Python doesn't much care about similarities or differences between
GNOME and KDE AFAICS -- the relationships to Mac and Windows are much
more interesting.

Emacs has had a policy of implementing everything itself for decades,
and its mindshare has been decreasing for decades.[1]  Many Emacs
developers are cross-platform users, and the common cross-platform
implementation is great for them.  Most potential users are not, and
the small differences between Emacs's behavior and the platform API
mean that Emacs is not a separate implementation that stands by itself
-- it's a bad implementation that spends a lot of time standing in a
corner.[2]  This is not the only reason for Emacs's relative loss of
popularity, but it's definitely a common complaint -- and the
complainers often never return to Emacs channels when it becomes clear
that the Emacs way is the only way.

In any case, the small platform differences and the odd problem with
the spec mean that this is definitely suited for out-of-stdlib

[1]  The former is a consequence of a policy that (official) Emacs on
non-GNU systems can't have any feature that Emacs on the GNU System
doesn't have -- if you want a move-to-trash command on Mac, you have
to implement for GNU.

[2]  A traditional punishment for mischievous children, especially
those who don't finish their chores or homework, where I grew up.

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