[Python-ideas] Decimal facts

s.krah stefan at bytereef.org
Fri Jun 5 12:52:24 CEST 2015

> Also, I'm not entirely sure we want to add those types to decimal in the stdlib. It would be a lot less work to implement them in terms of an existing C implementation (maybe using the native types if the exist, Intel's library if they don't). But I don't think that's necessarily desirable for the stdlib.

Wrong.  The specification we're following is almost IEEE-2008.  Mike Cowlishaw
evolved the spec while he was on the IEEE commitee.

The Intel library is very slow for decimal128, and last time I looked it did not
promise correct rounding!  That fact was deeply buried in the docs.

As an aside, I'm not sure how serious the "Float Update" thread was,
given that the OP tried to sneak the Grothendieck prime past us.

Stefan Krah

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