[Python-ideas] solving multi-core Python

Yury Selivanov yselivanov.ml at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 00:04:47 CEST 2015


On 2015-06-20 5:42 PM, Eric Snow wrote:
> tl;dr Let's exploit multiple cores by fixing up subinterpreters,
> exposing them in Python, and adding a mechanism to safely share
> objects between them.

This is really great. Big +1 from me, and I'd be glad to help
with the PEP/implementation.


> * only allow immutable objects to be shared between subinterpreters

Even if this is the only thing we have -- an efficient way
for sharing immutable objects (such as bytes, strings, ints,
and, stretching the definition of immutable, FDs) that will
allow us to do a lot.


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