[Python-ideas] Pathlib additions & changes

Chris Angelico rosuav at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 16:59:18 CEST 2015

On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 6:30 PM, David Townshend <aquavitae69 at gmail.com> wrote:
> 3.  There are several other minor irritations where a common pattern
> requires several lines or the use of a lower-level library such as shutil.
> For example:
>   *  Recursively remove a directory (no sane way using pathlib alone)
>     shutil.rmtree(str(path))

I'm not sure shutil should be considered a lower-level library. It's a
separate set of tools aimed at shell-like functionality. Removing a
directory tree seems right for shutil; what if shutil.rmtree() would
accept a Path object as an alternative to a str? That'd make
reasonable sense, and it'd feel like the two modules were working well

(Or can it already?)


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