[Python-ideas] Add appdirs module to stdlib

Philipp A. flying-sheep at web.de
Thu Sep 3 13:40:16 CEST 2015

Eric Fahlgren <ericfahlgren at gmail.com> schrieb am Mi., 2. Sep. 2015 um
20:31 Uhr:

> > ~/.appname stopped being right on linux long ago and never was right on
> other platforms, which we should teach people.
> Ah, yes.  I count 17 of those on my Windows machine (!) right now,
> including .idlerc, .ipython, .matplotlib, .ipylint.d etc., so we've got a
> ways to go. :)

…on windows? wat. oh my god this is horrible. so wrong!

if this isn’t the definitte argument why we need this API yesterday…
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