[Python-ideas] High time for a builtin function to manage packages (simply)?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Mon Sep 7 10:53:00 CEST 2015

On 9/7/2015 3:26 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Andrew Barnert writes:
>   > Tcl/Tk, and Tkinter for all pre-installed Pythons but 2.3, have
>   > been included with every OS X since they started pre-installing
>   > 2.5.
> My mistake, it's only MacPorts where I don't have it.  I used
> MacPorts' all-lowercase spelling, which doesn't work in the system
> Python.  (The capitalized spelling doesn't work in MacPorts.)
>   > And it works with all python.org installs for 10.6 or later, all
>   > Homebrew default installs, standard source builds... Just about
>   > anything besides MacPorts (which seems to want to build Tkinter
>   > against its own Tcl/Tk instead of Apple's)

My impression is that MacParts builds Tkinter 8.6 instead of 8.5.

> I recall having problems with trying to build and run against the
> system Tcl/Tk in both source and MacPorts, but that was a *long* time
> ago (2.6-ish).  Trying it now, on my Mac OS X Yosemite system python
> 2.7.10, "root=Tkinter.Tk()" creates and displays a window, but doesn't
> pop it up.  In fact, "root.tkraise()" doesn't, either.  Oops.  On this
> system, IDLE has the same problem with its initial window, and
> furthermore complains that Tcl/Tk 8.5.9 is unstable.

Mac users who download the PSF Mac installer and want to use tkinter 
should read
Before the redesign, there was a link to this from the download page, 
but the redesign seems to have removed it.
The page mentions that there may be a window update problem with the 
apple tk.

Terry Jan Reedy

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